Our Trane Product Lineup

Trane Products, It’s Hard to Stop a Trane
  • Outdoor Heat Pumps
  • Outdoor Air Conditioners
  • Outdoor Packaged Units
  • Ductless Units
  • Variable Refrigerant Flow Units
  • Indoor Gas Furnaces
  • Indoor Air Quality Components
  • Indoor Air Handlers
  • Coils
  • Comfort Controls (Thermostats)

Heat Pumps

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Heat pumps are recognized as one of the industry's most efficient HVAC systems. Working as both a heating and air conditioning unit, a Trane Heat Pump delivers the most, while using the least amount of energy making them an energy-efficient addition to any home or office.
Call Young's Electric today to learn more about installing a new heat pump at your home or office!

Air Conditioning Units

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Your A/C unit controls the temperature, humidity and general indoor air quality of  your home. As part of a central heating and cooling system, a Trane air conditioner quietly & efficiently draws heat out and transfers cooler air inside.

Packaged Units

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Make your home or office's heating & cooling efforts run more efficiently while experiencing year-round comfort with one of Trane's Packaged Systems.

Ductless Systems

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Trane's line of Ductless units are perfect for older homes and spaces not set up on central heating and air. Is ductwork impractical or impossible in your home or office (or addition)? Trane's Ductless Systems are the solution for your heating & cooling needs.


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Precise temperature control. Reliable, quiet, and guaranteed to keep you warm inside while it's cold outside. Call Young's Electric today to find out more about Trane's Furnaces.

Air Quality Components

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Create cleaner indoor air with Trane's line of Healthy Home air quality component add-ons. A great addition to any home or office and an ideal addition for homes with small children and/or those prone to allergens and respiratory problems.

Air Handlers

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Ever feel like one corner of your home is hotter or colder than the other no matter how you're running the system? Sounds like you need one of Trane's Air Handlers to help evenly cool and heat every corner of your home. Efficiently cool and heat your home throughout the seasons using an air handler paired with an air conditioning unit, furnace, or heat pump. Call Young's Electric today to find out more about Trane Air Handlers.


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Trane's Comfort Coils are designed to maximize your air conditioning or heat pump's performance year-round. These evaporator coils are the perfect combination of comfort and quality.

Comfort Controls

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Using today's "Smart Home Technology" Trane has an entire line of Comfort Controls for your home or office to make your life easier by being able to control the temperature while you're away.
Call Young's Electric today to upgrade your home or office's thermostat & comfort control hub!